Our Story

Sheila and Dana

Sheila and Dana are the Co-Founders and Co-Presidents of Concierge Health, a private care management practice. Sheila and Dana met in 2009 at an elder care networking event, and since then have become not only professional colleagues but also friends. Their careers had covered employment within major hospital systems, nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living centers and home health care companies. Additionally, they had both been in private practice for psychotherapy. Despite years of working for different health care companies, they sought each other out for peer consultation on their own individual clients. When Sheila worked at a senior living community, she referred to Dana often as her preferred care manager.

For over a decade they had each spanned the spectrum of positions from front-line staff through management. It was clear that they were leading parallel professional lives. Dana was drawn to the profession as she has a brother with a chronic illness and rarely saw her grandparents, who resided in Florida. Sheila was drawn to the profession as she longed for a stronger connection with her grandparents, all of whom lived in Argentina. Sheila and Dana also had the shared experience of having lost their grandparents as small children. Between the “professional sisters,” the idea for Concierge Health was born. Dana and Sheila then embarked on a journey that would raise the bar in care management to a higher standard of quality care. Customer service, client satisfaction and going above and beyond for clients and their families are of utmost importance to Concierge Health’s mission.​

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